We are a professional foreign trade corporation.
  We have abundant capital, and keep good records in banks, customs, entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau, administration of industry & commerce, tax bureau ,foreign economic relation & trade commission , etc.
  Guided by the principle “Fast but smoothly, in-time but cost effective.”, we will cherish every opportunity to provide best service to every client.
  Ideas of humanly management
  Pays attention to the cooperating, studying between starves and customers in order to make mutual development
  Corporate spirit
  Realizing customers, setting customers' heart at rest with our consideration and realizing customers increment with our technology
  Corporate strategic target
  Playing the leading role in supplying chain field
   Best Import Agency Service

  Best Import Agency Service
  Signing Sale/Purchase contract with your buyers as agent of you company.
  Open L/C to you for your buyers if you need.
  Book space with shipping companies or airlines for you at Port of Loading.

  Best Export Agency Service
  Signing Sale/Purchase contract with the sellers as agent of you company.
Receiving L/C from you for the seller. We can accept sight and time L/C.
  Paying deposit to the sellers to begin with you order, and paying the rest sum after they deliver the goods and cargo inspection is OK.

  One-stop service for customs declaration, customs censoring etc.
  The company has an excellent team experienced in customs declaration, commodity inspection (customs censoring), transportation and affairs concerning the government. Enjoying a good reputation and a harmonious business relationship in the bonded area of Outer Gaoqiao, the company is able to provide you with safe, smooth and convenient “one-stop” service for customs clearance of goods.
  Storage and transportation service in the bonded area of Outer Gaoqiao in Shanghai.
  We own a warehouses in the bonded area of Outer Gaoqiao in Shanghai. It can provide you with storage service in the bonded area and act as agent for the exports in the logistics distripark.

 Perhaps you have not obtained the right to import and export, or perhaps you confused in the cumbersome process of import and export, or even ?perhaps you'd like to use your limited

  Relying on the professional trade team, to create a unique value for customers
1.The deep understand and experience for Chinese international trade policy and operating environment.
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