Product description

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序号   产品   名称 尺寸规格(mm) 代表钢号 执行标准
product size(mm)
product  name 外径×壁厚  steel grade standard
outer diameter×wall thickness
1 低中压钢管用无缝钢管    φ10~159×1.5~20.0 10、20 GB 3087-1999
seamiess steel tubes for low and   medium pressure
2 高压锅炉用无缝钢管 φ10~159×2.0~20.0 20G、15CrMOG 12Cr1MoVG GB 5310-1995
seamiless steel tubes and pipes for high pressure boiler
3 结构用无缝钢管 φ10~159×1.0~20.0 20、35、45、40Cr、27SiMn GB/T 8162-1999
seamless steel tubes for structural purpose
4 输送流体用无缝钢管 φ10~159×1.0~20.0 10、20 GB/T 8163-1999
seamless steel tubes for liquid service
5 石油裂化用无缝钢管 φ10~159×1.0~20.0 10、20G、15CrMo GB/T 9948-88
seamless steel tubes for pertroleam cracking
6 液压支柱用无缝钢管 φ83~159×6.0~20.0 27SiMn GB/T 17396-1998
seamless steel tubes for hydraulic pillar service
7 化肥设备用无缝钢管 φ14~159×4.0~20.0 10、20G、16Mn GB 6479-2000
seamless steel tubes for high-pressure for chemical fertilizer equipment
8 低中压锅炉用外螺纹管 φ25~76×2.0~4.0 20 津Q/YB 3029-91
the external thread pipes for low and medium pressure boiler
9 液压和气动缸筒用精密内径管 φ90~220×5.0~10.0 10、20、35、45 GB/T 8713-88
inside diameter required precision seamless steel tube for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder use
10 石油油管及接箍用无缝钢管 φ60.3~114.3×4.83~15.0 J55、N80、P110、C90、C95 API SPEC 5CT
seamless steel pipes for tubing and coupling stock
11 石油套管及接箍用无缝钢管 φ114.3~153.7×5.21~16.0 J55、N80  API SPEC 5CT
seamless steel pipes for casing and coupling stock
12 汽车半轴套管用无缝钢管 φ76~121×7.0~15.0 45Mn2、40Cr YB/T 5035-1996
seamless steel tubes for automotive axle housing
13 船舶用碳钢和碳锰钢无缝钢管 φ10~159×1.5~20.0 320、360、410、 460、490 GB/T 5312-1999
carbon and carbon-manganese steel seamless steel tubes and pipes for ship
14 冷拔无缝异型钢管 方形、矩形、椭圆形、六角形等square、rectangle、oval、hexagon 10、20  GB/T 3094-2000
cold drawn seamless special -shape steel pipe
15 空心抽油杆用无缝钢管 φ28~51×4.0~6.50 20CrMo、35CrMo 津Q/YB 3122-95
seamless steel tubes for hollow sucker rod
16 隔热油管用无缝钢管 φ73.03~127×6.45~12.70 J55、N80 API SPEC 5CT
seamless steel tubes for heat insulating tubing
17 油气井射孔枪用无缝钢管 φ88.9~127×6.45~12.70 N80、P110 API SPEC 5CT
seamless steel tubes for perforating gun oil and gas well
18 石油钻杆用无缝钢管 φ60.3~139.7×7.11~12.70 E、X、G、S API SPEC 5D
seamless steel tubes for petroleum drill pipe

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